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Socio- economic statistics in the first half of 2013

Six months’ Industrial Production Index (IPI)  was estimated to grow 5.2 percent from last year’ same period (IPI in 2nd Q. was up 1.5 points percent from 1st Q., while in 2012 2nd Q.’s IPI was up only 0.4 point percent from 1st Q.). Of the general growth rate of 5.2%, mining and quarrying contributed 0.4 point percent; manufacturing 4.1 points percent; power production and supply 0.6 point percent and water supply and wastes treatment 0.1 point percent.

Social and Economic Situation in five months of 2013

May’s Industrial Production Index (IPI)  rose 6.7percent from last year’ same period, of which growth rate of  the mining and quarrying was 5.9percent; the manufacturing 6.8percent; power generation and supply 8.1percent; water supply and wastes treatment 9.3percent. 

Business news
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